Your Baby In Real-Time

Expecting a baby is a very special event for you and your family. To make it more exciting we are offering a new technology that gives you a glimpse of your baby in real time.

3D/4D is a new technology that creates real time three dimensional images from babies inside the womb. Utilizing this safe technology, pregnant women can get three dimensional pictures and video clips from their babies. Call today and book an appointment with us if you or one of you loved ones are pregnant.

We use the most modern Ultrasound machines

  • State of the art technology
  • Fully licensed ¬†sonographer (Radiologist)
  • Warm and relaxing atmosphere
  • Enough space to accommodate the whole family
  • Live broadcasting of the event online for the rest of the family and friends
  • Convenient location

If requested by parent the gender of the baby can be determined. Call today to book an appointment if you or one of your loved ones is pregnant. 905 597 6767