Who can start our courses? Successful completion of a general, medical or sonographic physics class/seminar/course. A single two-year allied health education program that is patient-care related. Graduate or a student in a program accredited by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), United States Department of Education (USDOE) or Canadian Medical […]

What Sonographers do exactly ? What is their role in the process of making a diagnosis? Making a diagnosis is the treating physician’s job. Several people help them to make a more informed and sophisticated diagnosis. Laboratory and Imaging staff are amongst the most versatile medical personnel who work round the clock to help Doctors […]

When Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen accidentally discovered X ray he would have never imagined that someday millions of humans would benefit from his works. Unlike X ray, Ultrasound was not described by a single scientist, rather, it has been completed over years and years. The first concept of an Ultrasound machine was described by Ian Donald […]

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Internationally trained medical professionals who take the plunge and immigrate to Canada face a very crucial challenge. Here in Canada all their certificates and credentials are practically useless. Doctors will have to start from the basic levels of medical education and sit for several complicated examinations which is a very lengthy and costly process. Nurses […]