Internationally trained medical professionals

Internationally trained medical professionals who take the plunge and immigrate to Canada face a very crucial challenge. Here in Canada all their certificates and credentials are practically useless. Doctors will have to start from the basic levels of medical education and sit for several complicated examinations which is a very lengthy and costly process. Nurses and other medical professionals have more or less the same fate. There are about 10.000 unemployed ITMDs in Ontario. This represents the gravity of the situation that won’t stop there. ITMDs keep coming to Canada and the situation is deteriorating as time passes. A scant number of institutions and bodies are trying to challenge the issue by developing bridging programs to employ medical professionals in non licensed medical jobs. Their endeavor, although admirable, does not seem to create a big difference in such a widespread issue.
A career that has attracted a large number of medical professionals is Ultrasound Imaging. Since medical professionals have a background of Anatomy and physics and some of them are already familiar with imaging sciences can absorb and learn this profession rather rapidly! To date many internationally trained medical professionals have completed their training in ultrasound and or echocardiography fields and have turned into an imaging technicians. A career with high demand throughout North America particularly in Canada.
The licensing bodies ARDMS and Sonography Canada are very diligent in upgrading standards of ultrasound practice. They are holding regular examinations to evaluate and certify new sonographers.