What Sonographers do exactly?

What Sonographers do exactly ?
What is their role in the process of making a diagnosis?
Making a diagnosis is the treating physician’s job. Several people help them to make a more informed and sophisticated diagnosis. Laboratory and Imaging staff are amongst the most versatile medical personnel who work round the clock to help Doctors make more precise diagnoses, and hence, offer their patients more effective treatments.
In some countries Radiologists who are specialized doctors in the field of Imaging undertake the task of examining patients with the Ultrasound machine and providing the treating physician with a radiologic diagnosis. In other countries like Canada and the United States, the task of performing Ultrasound examinations and acquiring diagnostic images is the duty of a group of technologists who are trained for this propose. After acquiring the images sonographers fill out a work sheet about patient’s history, the procedure they have performed, their observations during the procedure and their impression(s). All the information gathered along with the Images are then relayed to the Radiologist who after studying the provided data will make a diagnosis and reports the whole process to the treating physician.
It is quite clear then that Ultrasound Technologists must have a through understanding of the machine’s capabilities , as well as, detailed information about the diseases encountered in their speciality. Training this group of medical staff is generally done by Universities and other higher educational institutions. In Canada The Michener Institute, Dalhousie University, Mohawk college and many other higher education centres have programs to train sonographers.
The job market for diagnostic medical sonographers is very promising throughout the world especially in North America. There is always a high demand for sonographers. The average income is around $30-35 per hour. Night shifts are seldom required and there is always possibility of branching out into other careers such as sales, equipment service and research.
The field of diagnostic sonography over the course of it’s evolution has been expanding drastically. Many new specialities such as neurosonography, Pediatic sonography and Fetal echocardiography has been added to the already existing specialities. The precision of Ultrasound diagnosis has surpassed Pathologic examinations due to it’s non invasiveness and reproducibility .
Choosing this career is definitely one of the best choices a career seeker can make. As the field is expanding so rapidly more and more work force is needed in this field.